Liftworks belongs to one of Singapore’s Largest lift construction group , where our key focus lies in improving lifestyle through providing affordable to premium home lift installation to Singapore home owners, as well as dumbwaiter installation to F&B establishments.. We specialize in all lift works from installation, design, customization to maintenance.

With more than 10 years experience since 2002, Liftworks have served plenty of satisfied customers in Singapore. As our portfolio grew, that gave us stability and a strong foothold in the industry. Our operations have since expanded to Vietnam , Cambodia , and Indonesia. Our manpower has grown to 160 staff to date.


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All machines need proper care to ensure that they are running smoothly and efficiently. Is your lift still functioning in a good state? Give yourself a peace of mind and ensure its performance and longer lifespan with preventive measures such as undertaking monthly servicing and maintenance. Facing a lift emergency? Not to worry, because our team of specialists are always on standby to solve any lift problems that you might face.


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From the moment you request for your free quote to the completion of your lift installation, be assured that the Lift Works team is always looking out for your interest; to provide a competitive rate without compromising on service excellence. After all, Lift Works has a track record and pedigree of being a part of one of Singapore’s largest lift installation and servicing company. Speak to our professionals today and start enjoying a better lifestyle in your home or in your business.

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Opting for Home Lift Installation in Singapore by Lift Works

Many feel that when are having mobility issues, their only option is to live in a one level home or give up the aspects of their home that they have always enjoyed. This is no longer the case due to affordable residential home lifts by Lift Works. Everyone has different needs, and some homes and unique structures may require more customization. However, we are a diverse home lift supplier in Singapore, which allows each client to get the right match.

Types of Lifts

Home Vacuum Lifts – newest type of Home Lift Installation in Singapore by Lift Works. Aside from excellent performance, the design can give the space an aesthetic makeover, without extensive cabling and a machine room, this is a route many choose to take. They operate on air pressure, and since they come in a compact design that doesn’t require a hoist, they are more affordable.

Home Hydraulic Lifts – pre-designed or customization available for this type of lift installation in Singapore by Lift Works. These are ideal for apartments and homes with up to three floors. This type of lift doesn’t require a deep pit, so it is a good fit when dealing with a smaller space. One of the other features of this one is a manual valve that will open automatically without any accident should there be a power outage.



Home Traction Lift – this is the most popular lift for residential use. This particular type operates on a shaft that is made from ropes and sheaves. A counterweight balances the weight of the car. The latest versions are equipped with flat steel belts that are lighter and sustainable, as they can work effectively without needing lubricating and oiling. Many have noticed that this is a very cost-effective means to gain mobility, as there is very little maintenance and little power consumption.


As a caregiver or an actual senior, it can be challenging when there are mobility issues. It requires quite a bit of effort to move from area to area. Once a lift is installed in the home, those that are having mobility issues can gain independence and be able to move more securely around their home. This is very encouraging and improves the quality of life for those involved.

Turn to us when considering a lift installation company in Singapore. Allow us to discuss your needs and find the perfect solution for the home.

A Dumbwaiter in Singapore by Lift Works Offers Many Benefits

Those who find the need to transport material between floors are finding that a Dumbwaiter in Singapore by Lift Works has many advantages. While a dumbwaiter may seem like something from the past, they are still popular in homes, apartments and commercial establishments like restaurants and hotels today. There are many advantages to installing a dumbwaiter.

Advantages of dumbwaiter lifts in Singapore by Lift Works

The use of a dumbwaiter allows the ability to easily move items to a different floor without having to carry them by hand. This can be very helpful for larger items that are not only too heavy to carry alone but can also damage the walls in stairwells.

A commercial dumbwaiter by Lift Works can be used in a warehouse environment to transfer materials that are ready to be shipped. This increases efficacy and reduces the risk of damage or even injury while manually transporting using the labor of a human.

In a home, they give the ability to send laundry down to a basement laundry room. They are also used to transfer groceries and household items between floors. Housework becomes a breeze.



Then, with restaurant dumbwaiter lifts in Singapore, they allow the transfer of groceries and other supplies. Also, for those with dining areas on multiple floors, this allows staff to move prepared food from one floor to the other without carrying up the stairs.


A priority for a dumbwaiter supplier in Singapore should be mobility, comfort and safety for the client. There are a variety of lifts available and great solutions for each client’s specific needs. Finding something that compliments the interior design, architecture as well as lifestyle preference is a must.

There are various design elements that can be added to a dumbwaiter. There are options on cab gates, slide-up doors, bi-parting doors and such. There are choices in finishes to make sure it blends in with the home or business. There are different models allowing the capability to carry things of certain heights and weights. A lot of this has to do with the height of the home or building the unit is being installed in.

Dumbwaiters are more affordable than one might think and are a great investment. While they are for convenience, they can increase the value of the location they are installed in, depending on the market. For additional information, give us a call. We would love to hear from you.