Landed Home Lift Singapore

Lift Works is among the leading suppliers and installers for traction & hydraulic home lift Singapore. We have been providing quality solutions and services for many years. Our experienced team of specialists and technicians ensure that the lifts for houses being installed have passed the standard of safety to keep you and your family safe while offering convenience to your multi-storey home.
Our lifts for houses is a private passenger elevator suitable for 2 – 8 people & capable of lifting loads up to 320kg. Add convenience and efficiency to your home or landed property with our range of lifts for houses in Singapore today!

Outdoor shaft traction

Outdoor Shaft Traction Lift

An outdoor semi-detached traction lift for a residential building in Singapore. This home lift is made up of 3-sided glass shaft paired with glass doors that are framed in matte black for a sleek and stunning look.

Elevator Control Box

Traction Lift, Panorama Series

This indoor lift for houses has a stunning glass shaft and glass doors outlined with hairline stainless steel frames. The wide stainless cabin makes the home lift very visible but blends well with modern interior designs.

Laminate Lift Cabin

Laminated Wood Cabin Home Lift

This is a special project for a 4-storey bungalow house in Singapore. Designed to match the interior’s rustic and wooden style, we made the cabin from laminated woods that hide the hairline stainless steel doors when the lift opens.

Elevator for Landed Home, 4-storey Terrace

Matte Black Cabin Home Lift

Matching the cabin to the interior design for this property, we used our panoramic glass lift for houses outlined with hairline stainless steel. The matte black cabin creates a good contrast to the grey and white colour scheme.

Traction Lift Sembawang

Indoor Glass Home Lift

Elegantly designed to be surrounded by the staircase, this panoramic glass home lift is a convenient facility in this property, providing the occupants the options to take the stairs or use the lift when going up or down the multi-storey property.

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