What To Look For In A Lift Contractor In Singapore

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September 8, 2022

What To Look For In A Lift Contractor In Singapore

There are many benefits to having a lift at home. From providing convenience and luxury, lifts have become an integral part of most modern home designs. So, when you are looking for a lift contractor in Singapore,  you should always remember that not all contractors provide the exact same services. Before you settle down on a contractor, consider your specific lift needs, the type of lift system that would be suitable for your house as well as your overall budget among others.

Once you have the answers to those questions, here are 5 things to look out for in a lift contractor in Singapore.

1. The type of maintenance they provide

As lift maintenance is a vital part when it comes to elevator safety, keeping it regularly and professionally maintained and serviced is of the utmost importance. Your lift contractor in Singapore should provide maintenance that increases your lift’s lifespan and reduces the number of emergency call-outs from breakdowns while decreasing your lift’s downtime. A contractor or a lift service engineer should take time to fully inspect, test, service, lubricate and make any other necessary adjustments to ensure your lifts perform optimally.

Technicians well-trained lift contractor Singapore

2. Are the technicians well-trained

A well-trained lift contractor in Singapore has experience and knowledge in maintaining and servicing different types of lifts, control systems and anything else related to lift applications. Their level of expertise will determine their ability to successfully diagnose, repair, maintain and optimise the lift and equipment. Understanding the complexity of the elevator’s electrical and mechanical design would also help the technician resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

3. Range of products

According to the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore, all elevators in Singapore and lifts for houses must have an approved system code and the two options for residential are SS-550 or EN-81-41. Usual lifts that are installed at home would be the enclosed vertical transportation elevator and they are:

    • Traction lift – uses a pulley system to move the cabin with counter-weights
    • Hydraulic lift – electrically powered to pressurise the hydraulic oil fluid to lift the piston to move the cabin up and down
    • Screw-driven platform lift – uses a screw shaft and drive nut to move the cabin

Response time in case of a breakdown lift contractor Singapore

4. Response time in case of a breakdown

The response time is directly affected by the location of the elevator maintenance company and this will impact the contractor’s overall ability to perform time-sensitive repairs and emergency services. One question you can ask is how the lift contractor in Singapore would manage logistics with their engineers in the case of an emergency and what their backup plans are when their engineers are unavailable or on a break. 

5. What is included in the lift maintenance contract

While the overall cost for installation and maintenance of your lift is important, you should also carefully examine the lift maintenance contract for any additional lift services that will save you money and time in the long run. Some of the clauses that you can look out for include:

    • How long is the warranty and what does the warranty cover? 
    • Do you need 24 hours service and is it provided? 
    • What lift expenses are included and when do billable hours start? What about replacement parts and how soon can they be obtained and replaced?

With the answers to these questions and a better understanding of what you should look for in a lift contractor, it is now time to make your decision. While you are at it, consider consulting Lift Works for an expert consultation on what your house might need. We are a lift company in Singapore with over 40 years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial lift projects. Do contact us today to know more!


by Lift Works


September 8, 2022

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