Home Lift Installation and Maintenance in Singapore

Home lifts are usually for private landed housing or small commercial buildings capable of carrying loads from 320kg, up to 550kg, ferrying four to eight passengers. Taking up very little space, this range of elevators are very affordable and useful for home usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install / Retrofit a home lift into an existing structure?

Yes you can depending on the structure of your house, however , every house is unique and it would be best to get one of our specialist to go on site to give a better advice.

Is a pit essential for a home lift? If so, how deep?

Yes , minimum requirement for all home lift is 600mm depth subjected to the structure of the unit.

Is it noisy?

There is no noise from the lift except for when it is operating , even then the noise is very minimal.

What is the weight capacity of a residential home lift?

The lightest model we have can carry 2 pax at one go with a maximum weight of 220kg.

Can I have more than 1 lift entrance?

Yes, we are able to build an extra entrance for a cab, maximum is 2 different entrances. Either adjacent facing or an opposite facing door.

What happens if there is a power failure?

The lift will run on emergency power to the nearest landing for users to vacate.

Do we repair existing lifts?

Yes we do, please contact us if this service is needed.

How long does it take to install a lift?

Depending on what you need , typically we take roughly 4 – 6 months.

Will you come to my residential home to advise on the best area suited for my elevator?

Yes , we can come down to give advise on that and also a rough quote for your requirements.

Do I have a warranty for the Home lift?

Yes we do , 12 months from the date of handover.

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